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In addition to a possible water shortage predicted by 2020, South Africa’s water problems are being exacerbated by other challenges, such as leaking pipes, ageing infrastructure and poor municipal administration, resulting in billions in public funds being wasted every year.

It has been reported that Johannesburg loses up to 120 million liters of water per annum due to leaks as a result of ageing or poor municipal infrastructure.

In 2013, South African Water and Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa said that a quarter of the country’s water was being lost as a result of leaking water systems and if billing and metering losses are included, the figure rises to almost 40%.

In a semi-arid region and with the compounding effects of recent drought conditions and urbanization, upgrading and maintaining South Africa’s city water management systems has never been more important.Recent changes in the management of major metros in South Africa will usher in a more appropriate allocation of city budgets to ensure service delivery and management of scarce resources, water being among the top priorities.To further improve water delivery and community access in South Africa the water and sanitation pillar of the National Development Plan suggests that the Water and Sanitation Ten-Year Plan will have four cornerstones.

These include the development of an inclusive, empowering and integrated water and sanitation policy and legislative environment.

Further, the plan should provide an innovative and inclusive service delivery model driven by research and technology especially with regards to alternative solutions to ensure universal coverage.The third cornerstone is the third National Water Resources Strategy which will ensure South Africa’s long term sustainable water security in the wake of climate change and our expanded development needs.

Lastly, a novel public-private sector partnership will both ensure optimum service delivery for all as well as developing a competitive South Africa Water Industry.Pumps, Valves and Pipes Africa has a dedicated innovation hub on the exhibition floor to promote advances and innovations in water management and distribution technology.The Watertec Innovation Hub is a content led space designed to introduce, launch and boost awareness around products designed to contribute in solving the current water crises in South Africa.

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