Indutec 2017



Petrochemicals comprise 55% of all chemicals produced in South Africa, Africa’s most advanced chemical production market.

With a large and established chemical manufacturing and an industry value of $US 30 billion the next wave of growth in the industry will come from innovation and operational efficiency's plus growth in the end-user market across Africa, which South Africa is strategically positioned to serve.
Co-located events

Pumps, Valves and Pipes Africa 2017 plus Watertec and Petro.t.ex create a synergistic environment for decision makers, buyers, engineers and specifiers.

Petro.t.ex is a complimentary B2B product showcase within the event cluster the focus of which is on technology, plant, equipment and services for the following target markets and visiting industries:

  • LNG
  • LPG
  • GTL
  • Petroleum & petrochemical
  • Pipelines
  • Refineries
  • Transportation and storage facilities

Fast facts on petrochem in South Africa

  • Petrochemicals comprise 55% of all chemicals produced
  • Industry worth approx. US$30b
  • Majority of raw material comprises coal of which South Africa has abundant supply
  • The chemicals industry in South Africa is the most developed in Africa
  • Large manufacturing base
  • US, Germany and China are main bilateral trade partners for this sector (finished products)

  • Expected growth rates of 2 – 4% pa
  • Growth expected to come from innovation and operational efficiency + end-user industries; paints, coatings, automotive, mining, construction
  • Growth of renewables also begin to create opportunity, Bioethanol has been noted as a particularly strong business case

  • Skills
  • Importing of raw materials
  • Water (for industry)
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