Indutec 2017



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PumpSim™ is a software package that has been designed to visually identify, quantify and optimise your fluid and gas networks in 3D across an array of industrial applications. Pumpsim™ has been designed for use across a wide range of industries, including but not limited to; Mining, Construction, Agriculture, Processing, Civils and can be used to model:
Pipe and pump pressure
Flow quantities and velocities
Open and closed pipes and channels
Tank and dam structure and capacities
Fluids with different viscosities and densities
Compressible gases and pipelines
Valves and sprays
Costs and efficiencies
And much more…

workshop Takeaways:

3D is key
Utilise the sophisticated 3D graphics environment, driven by a fully interactive user interface to provide a detailed visual and to scale simulation of pipe networks and pumping systems
Dynamic simulation
Determine at what point in time issues and problems occur within your network using a ‘live’ simulation and alerts to help you identify when unusual network behaviour is expected to occur
Optimise or demise
Pump and pipe networks represent a significant lever for cost reduction, a correctly designed network improves pump performance, reduces production delays and eliminates costly downtime
Time is money
Accelerate the design of dynamic 3D PumpSim™ models by importing existing Autocad *.dxf or *dwg “centrelines”, rapid results are required with pressures to deliver ROI to clients
Meeting of the minds
Utilise the 3D platform as a basis for interactive and representative decision making for all project stakeholders to to ensure the data they need is on hand and understood
Go with the flow
Utilise the easily customisable database and Slurry calculation to input and model an array of Newtonian and Non-Newtonian fluids for slurry and paste fill applications


Day 1Wednesday - 17 May 2017
Introduction to PumpSim Interface - 20 min + QnA Session
11:00Modelling a Gold Mine on PumpSim - 30 min + QnA Session
13:00Review: Lucky draw PumpSim Model Build - 45 min + QnA Session
14:00Using PumpSim’s Dynamic Simulation - 20 min + QnA Session

Day 2Thursday - 18 May 2017
Easy exporting from VentSim to PumpSim - 20 min + QnA Session
11:00Modelling a Municipality on PumpSim - 30 min + QnA Session
13:00Review: Lucky draw PumpSim Model Build - 45 min + QnA Session
14:00PumpSim Modules for rapid ROI - 20 min + QnA Session

Day 3Friday - 19 May 2017

Basic enquiry and engagement on stand (TBC) - no consultant on stand