One man believes he has a solution to water shortages in parts of South Africa with his machine that takes the humidity from the air and turns it into drinkable water.

Ray de Vries is Chief Executive Officer of Water and Air, says the solution to the water crisis is surrounding us: natural humidity.

His company, Water from Air manufactures machines that extract water in the air we breathe. De Vries said while there were companies using the same technology elsewhere in the world, Water from Air was the first company to make home units available.

The smallest machine produces up to 32 litres of drinking water a day - costing Rand 26,500 ($1,925), while the largest machine makes up 1,500 litres.

Ray said “It is time we take charge of our own potable water drinking supply so that we know what we are drinking, we cannot control climate change, pollution, poor water management and the many other factors that affect the availability and access to potable water.”

He has been selling the machines for more than two years and says the company has already sold more thousands machines.

They run on electricity and the cost per litre is not stated on promotional material but electricity is easier to come by than water in parts of South Africa so the company looks set for a lot more publicity.

In parts of the Middle East air-conditioning units, from which water is a by-product of cooling air, equipped with water gathering are now being increasingly fitted to key buildings as part of sustainable measures.

Ray says it is up to each person to look after their needs. “The only immediate way to get water is to take charge and secure your own supply – from the air. Make rain while the sun shines” he said
Ray de Vries, CEO of Water from Air™
@waterfromairsa interviewed live on ENCA news November 2016