South Africa has a lot to offer but needs support to ensure its local business play an active role in the future economic success of the country.

That was a clear message that came out of a Keynote Panel Discussion during the first day of INDUTEC 2017 during the PVP 2017 conference.

Panelist Kamagelo Mampane is Chairman of the State Owned Entities Procurement Forum (SOEPF) and his enthusiasm and positive focus on the vital role it plays in both ensuring economic purchases for the public sector combined with positive support for local business was clear in a an interview just before the session started.

He explained the vital balance between successful production but also ensure opportunities for local people.

He said: “The SOEPF was set up in 2004 as a not-for-profit association of entities that seek to formulate and share best practices in supply chain management and procurement by and within state owned enterprises whilst advancing the objectives of the BBBEE Act and other similar intervention too.”

But it also works with those suppliers to ensure they can succeed, says Mampane. He is clear that empowerment means giving people a stake in whatever is being built. And that also brings vital employments in a country where up to 50 per cent are without work, he said.

“People want to be involved, they as ‘what can we do?’ and in that way they can be integrated into the supply chain. It’s about collaboration.”

Yesterday he sought to explain at the conference how South Africa’s unique business environment - seeking to provide equal opportunity - also provided a unique opportunity for investors.