Indutec 2017

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PVP Live is a three day, high level and informative forum,dedicated to the supply chain in the conveyance of liquids, gases and slurries.
Senior professionals with something important to share are invited to submit a session topic or presentation for the forthcoming event in May 2017.

Sessions include presentations, case studies or key issues, which you believe need discussion or debate.
  • Wasteful spend within municipalities
  • Staffing, HR & training
  • Infrastructure maintenance & improvement
  • New innovations in water management
  • Innovative sources of power generation
  • The impact of system maintenance
  • Building business into Africa
  • Research & Development on rural issues
  • South Africa's Water crisis
  • Cost efficiency
  • Piping systems
  • South Africa's waste management and treatment projects
Submissions should be no more than 100 words, outlining the topic and why it matters, emailed to Call Sean Osterloh on +27 11 783 7250 for further information or for an informal chat about the conference, or simply fill out your basic details here and we will get in touch with you.


Day one - 17 May 2017

Core theme: Pumps and valves

10h00 - 10h15Opening and welcome
10h15 - 10h45Invited key-note
- How the Industrial Internet of Things will manifest in the pumps and valves market
- The internet of things is creeping into all facets of technology leading to IIoT and Industry 4.0 - what does this story look like in the pumps and valves markets?
10h45 - 11h15Panel debate
How aligned is the pumps and valves industry with imminent future technology trends?
11h15 - 11h30Tea break
11h30 - 12h00Presentation
Mike Smart, Partner, and Technical Director, Genesis Consulting
PVC-O pipe is a revolution to the stagnated traditional PVC industry
12h00 - 13h00Lunch
13h00 onwardsTechnical sessions (break-outs)

PumptechValvetechOpening the taps
Pump station optimisation

Pumpswitch frequency control

Comprehensive approach on materials specification
Low temperature flexibility in seals

Large diameter flow meters speak volumes

New generation of automatic recirculation check valves
How do we get the balance right between imports and localisation?

Working towards a unified value chain, does fragmentation make sense in the pumps, valves and pipes market

Day Two - 18 may 2017

Core theme: Pumps and valves

10h00 - 10h15Recap from day one
10h15 - 10h45Invited key-note
- South Africa's manufacturing in the spotlight, is there a place for global value chain participation?
- The industrialisation of Africa is a crucial step in enabling upliftment and prosperity across the continent, South Africa should be spear heading this industry growth. But is it?
10h45 - 11h15Panel debate
Has designation been successful as an enabler for industry capacity building?
11h15 - 11h30Tea break
11h30 - 12h00Presentation
- Energy industry forecast and what this could mean for the pumps and valves industry
- Gas, LNG, Nuclear, renewables and solar - all set to come on stream in the next 5 years, do we expect a multiplier through the value chain?
12h00 - 13h00Lunch
13h00 onwardsTechnical sessions (break-outs)

Pump design for energy efficiency

Pump station design improves port drainage

The use of advanced materials in pump casting
Latest non-destructive testing methods in valves

High machinability of stainless steel to improve productivity

Critical valve checks, a systematic approach

waterDay three - 19 May 2017

Core theme: Water

Why coordinated policy is vital (water, food, energy)
- Planning for the future
- Why regions must work together
- Why it is essential that future water planning is co-ordinated with energy and food policies
- What plans are already in the pipeline?
MorningWhere will the money come from?
- Should the end-users bear some of the costs?
- Why investment today will reap international rewards
MorningWho owns the borehole? (controlling extraction)
- Changing public attitudes towards using water
- Industry and farmers view underground water as their property. But groundwater, like rivers have wide ranging effects
- In the Uk no-one can take ground water without a permit. Does the South African government need to get tough?
AfternoonTechnology in water management
Clever water. A look at some of the technology available in the smart water market
AfternoonDesalination plants
- In this the answer to souther Africa's soaring water needs?
- Explanation of KwaZulu-Natal's introduction of desalination plants to meet the demand of one of the countries dryest regions
- Is it worth the cost? Can souther Africa afford it?
- What lessons could be learned from the Middle East - the UAE for example, where all water comes from desalination
AfternoonDevelopment of agriculture to meet food demands and its demands on water resource (case study: farming)
AfternoonWhy southern Africa will fail to encourage inward investment if it cannot supply the water (case study: industry)